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2007 PDCA Associates Christmas Luncheon

Finley's Grill • Downers Grove

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December 7, 2007
Finley's Grill • Downers Grove

2007 Associate Xmas Luncheon Photos

Twenty-five PDCA/FCA Associate Members gathered at Finley's Grill in Downers Grove on December 7th to toast the end of one year and salute the beginning of another at their annual private luncheon. The first item of business on their agenda was election of new Officers. Diane Meyer (J.C. Licht Company) was elected President of the Associates Group, while Ken Tatarelis (ICI Paints) became Vice President, Calvin Mims (3M Construction Division) moved up to Secretary, and Tom O'Connell (Ames Tools) joined the team as Treasurer.

In addition, three long-time Associates, Al Deatherage, Jim Arrivo, and Herb Ulrich, were granted honorary life-time PDCA memberships so they can attend FCAC/PDCA events from time to time.

2007 Associate Xmas Luncheon Photos